WHO seeks Director of Mental Health / by Erich Kofmel

The World Health Organization is seeking a new Director for its Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.


The current Director is collaborating closely with controversial US charity Autism Speaks, which seeks to extend its influence globally through what they call the Global Autism Public Health Initiative. As you will know, Autism Speaks is boycotted by most actually autistic persons.

The WHO has accepted at least one million US dollars in funding from Autism Speaks, organized a global autism consultation at WHO headquarters that was jointly hosted by Autism Speaks and included many of their allies, but not a single autistic person, and he's sitting on the Global Action Committee of Autism Speaks.

If these links can be severed, or at least weakened, with the appointment of a new Director that would potentially make it possible to shift the WHO's focus and perception on autism.

So, if you know anyone who might be suitable for this position, and is accepting of autistic persons and would be seeking our input, not just that of non-autistic "experts", and is generally in favour of deinstitutionalization and mental health reform, please forward the job advertisement to them.

Closing date is 15 April 2018.